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As a stable international business, we offer a way to balance private and work life, bringing a human-centred approach into your everyday life, work and the Estonian society.

Fujitsu Estonia

Fujitsu Estonia is one of the leading suppliers of IT services in Estonia and a part of the international Fujitsu IT group originally from Japan. We have been in Estonia since 1991.

We offer high-caliber full IT services to both the Estonian and foreign markets, including the development, maintenance, and repair of systems. In addition, we are also responsible for the management of the purchase and supply chain for many major Nordic corporations’ IT products and the financial management of IT services. The selection of technology products ranges from basic laptops to data management centers.

Our goal is to simplify the activities of companies and organizations using innovative technologies and services.

We are a dynamic combination of specialists/experts, architects, technicians, and problem solvers. Our background and experience are very diverse, and we speak many different languages. At the same time, we share a common culture that unites us and amplifies our efforts.

Japanese roots and cultural heritage have taught us to value long-term relations. Our work has meaning. Our activities make the world a better place for everyone. With you we will direct future society with the help of technology.

Kaugtöö tegija

Fujitsu Estonia as an employer

A secure employer

You can trust us. We have been active in the world market since 1935 and in Estonia since 1991. As one of the largest IT enterprises we employ almost 400 people in Estonia. Our long-term experience allows us to offer our employees a sense of security and stability. We are trustworthy as a whole, which means that one can count on every member of our team.

An international enterprise

Our roots are in Japan: we are Japan’s largest IT-enterprise. We work in 100 countries around the world. We are truly an international enterprise in the best meaning of the term. We are able to offer substantive cooperation with our Scandinavian and European teams.
With us you will have a chance to participate in global projects. You will put yourself to the test here and broaden your image of the world. An active community of specialists thinking innovatively awaits you, along with the opportunity for international development.

A good work environment and flexible hours

A caring and educational atmosphere is the prerequisite for productive work. Our work environment is furnished with first-class equipment. As a family-friendly company we are in favour of flexibility, allowing you to find a fitting balance for yourself between your work and personal life. Much more important than set office hours is getting things done.
In order to be productive, one must also acquire new knowledge. With us lifelong learning is guaranteed. Through our flexible working arrangements we value both the mental and the physical aspects of your health. Your well-being is important to us.
Fujitsu paindlik tööaeg

The team

Our workers are professionals who place a high value on well-functioning teamwork. Together we overcome obstacles, achieve results, and celebrate our victories. We recognise one another and are proud of our workers. Our positively-minded expert team is ready to help and support you.
In our team we follow the principles of lean, which ensure smoothness of cooperation. We listen to and trust one another. As people we come from different backgrounds: younger and older, marathon runners, folk dancers, friends of nature and much more. This allows us to see life from different perspectives and adds colour to our activities. You will be sure to find your place with us. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Why it’s good to work at Fujitsu?

Health/sports compensation or insurance

  • Fujitsu supports healthy lifestyles and employees’ mental health. We offer health and sports compensation to employees, which supports exercise and other health procedures to always stay healthy. Instead of health compensation, it is also possible to choose Confido health insurance.
  • In addition, we have a health month every year – seminars that support the development of physical and mental health of employees.

Active teams and fun team events

  • Our company has Brand Ambassadors, Diversity&Inclusion and Sports teams – you are welcome to join.
  • You are always invited to take part in memorable team events and the winter party.

Developing yourself

  • With us, you can develop yourself, learn something new in your field every day and stay up-to-date with modern trends, we will open a personal Linkedin LearnIng account for you.

Remote work compensation

  • Fujitsu supports flexible work arrangements and offers home office compensation or internet service monthly compensation to employees who implement remote work.
  • 7 additional vacation days
  • Compensation of sports expenses
  • Compensation for sick days
  • We believe that well-behaving pets are wonderful stress relievers and always welcome in our offices.
  • Remote work compensation. Fujitsu supports flexible work and offers those working remotely compensation.
  • Balanced work and office life – We have a well-designed remote work culture.
  • Our offices are modern with a good location and access.
  • We organize various events for our employees: team and department-wide events.

Interesting facts about Fujitsu Estonia


about400 people

Men vs. women

Untraditionally for an IT company we have more women (60%) than men (40%)

Average age

35 years

In Estonia

since 1991

In the same year, Estonia regained independence and the world’s first website was created in CERN labs.

Innovative public sector solutions in Estonia

We have developed the Elron train traffic management system, e-resident’s digital ID processing system, border control information system, and we also developed the first three versions of the secure data exchange layer, the X-road.

Fujitsu’s people speak
9 different languages

Depending on the department, proficiency in at least one of the following languages is required: Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Latvian or Lithuanian.

Technical innovation on the world level — PalmSecure™

Fujitsu laptops with PalmSecure™ technology identify users using the network of blood vessels in their hands. It is practically impossible to fool this system.

The Fujitsu logo depicts Fujitsu’s endless opportunities

In addition, it also expresses the expansion of the universe, symbolizing the “Earth” and the “Sun.” The red color expresses enthusiasm about the future, brightness, and accessibility.

Fujitsu Server is widely used across Estonia

Over half of the Estonian web is hosted on Fujitsu Servers — Zone Media is one of our strongest partners.

What our employees are saying

Indrek Lään

Indrek Lään

Service Deski manager

“What I like at Fujitsu is the fact that the management philosophy gives all employees the chance to directly influence the development of work processes.

New employees can do the most for the workplace and process development as they are starting from scratch and have not yet been influenced by the team.”


Elvis Tilgar

Future workplace & hybrid IT

“As a family man, I can say that Fujitsu is a good place to work because the company enables a very good work-family life balance. I’m excited to come to work every day because I can deal with developing innovative services from digitalization and automation to artificial intelligence.

Also invaluable are my great colleagues and the global network that has taken shape!”

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Image filter Kristi-Leping-Kasutajakonto-Haldamise-Spetsialist-Fujitsu-Estonia

Kristi Leping

User account management specialist

“I like being able to join the enjoyable with the useful. Luckily, working at Fujitsu offers me that opportunity every day!

I also love my work because we have many sports aficionados, and the company always supports events related to physical activity. It’s fun to put myself to the test, along with my colleagues!”

We also enjoy awesome & fun events, taking part in sporting events & outdoor adventure vacations.

Want to join us?


Don’t hesitate to write me or give me a call! Let’s talk about what you would like to do in Fujitsu and how we can help you develop your career.

Hanni Tomingas
Recruitment specialist
+372 5770 2330

Want to join us?


Don’t hesitate to write me or give me a call! Let’s talk about what you would like to do in Fujitsu and how we can help you develop your career.

Hanni Tomingas
Recruitment specialist
+372 5770 2330